Heroes-&-Witchery Supplements

If I can find the time, and if Fantastic Heroes & Witchery has stirred enough interest, other books will be developed. The Blasphemous Bestiary is scheduled first (with a completely unknown release date), and then tomorrow is another day. Note otherwise that the illustrations and titles currently proposed for these supplements, are not contractual. They may (and certainly will) be different.


1. Blasphemous Bestiary:
A monster book with a lot of creatures appropriate to the Swords & Planets and dark horror genre, as well as monsters drawn from the Cthulhu Mythos. It is currently half written, a third of the art is done, but it still needs to be reworked because of a few problems that must be fixed.

2. World of Zhultoom:
A campaign setting of the Swords & Planets genre, that features the Cthulhu Mythos among other things. Some of the text and the art have been done, but it is a long way from being completed.

3. Future Heroes & Witchery:
Using the same rules as Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, and thus totally compatible with it, it is intended for science-fiction RPGs of the cyberpunk, space opera, and other such genres. The text is 80% complete, a lot of art is already available, but more needs to be done, then layout and editing.

4. Full Witchery Compendium:
This supplement is almost completely written, with 500+ new spells (either brand new or converted from d20 OGC sources), a few magical items inspired by some well known fantasy novels, and 20 magic-using character classes. Art and layout (and editing) still have to be done though.