As time pass more material will be added. This could even be fan-submitted material, if I get any. I also plan to release a simple document with the statistics of traditional creatures (without special layout nor art), as someone did ask for it. Currently you can download:

1. Fantastic-Heroes-Witchery_free PDF-2.0: This PDF file is in low resolution, so as to keep it light at 16 MB. (This is the 2.0 version; with better proofreading, some names changed, and 70 spells rewritten entirely.)
Note that this free PDF does not provide a spell index and a table of contents with the page numbers indicated. This is because the author would like to get some money back to pay for the costs the book induced (such as art), and maybe even get the possibility to become a full-time author. As such, a PDF fully bookmarked for easy navigation is (scheduled) for sale on RPGnow.

2a. Character Sheet (1 page) – PDF: This is the character sheet found at the end of the rulebook. For printing and using with a pen. (US letter size.)

2b. Character Sheet (1 page) Form – PDF: This is the same character sheet as above, but that you can fill on your computer. Thanks a lot to Christian Selzam for this excellent work! Recommended!!

3. Character Sheet (3 pages) – PDF: This is a more complete character sheet than the one found at the end of the rulebook. It even comes with a few character portraits. (A4 size.)

4. FH&W Excel Character Sheet: Here is a special FH&W character sheet for Excel. It works as follows:
-> Only usable with Microsoft Excel
-> Insert only on the yellow fields
-> Races and professions are included. If you select one (click into the field, there is a drop down menu on the right side of the field) most information is automatically filled out: Hit Dice, BtH, Critical hit special ability, encumbrance, race talents, Spell per Day, etc.

Thanks a lot to Arne Holzwarth for this excellent work! Recommended!!

5. Multi-Classes Options – PDF: For those who miss the multi-classed characters as in 1e/2e. Normally, FH&W didn’t include multi-classes, as they were seen too loaded compared to single-class characters, and thus were replaced by « split-class » rules. However, here I propose 10 pages for multi-class options that should remain reasonable.

6. Pulp Adventures – PDF: Thanks for this four pages supplement by James Cast, that tweaks existing classes to play the game in the Pulp genre. (And by the way this would make for perfect classes to play in the Cthulhu 1930 genre!)

7. Rayguns, Rocketships & Robots – PDF: Another neat four pages supplement by James Cast, that tweaks existing classes to play the game in the retro science-fiction genre.

8. Science-Fantasy Classes and Race – PDF: (Updated March 21!) There is a need for a science-fiction supplement! In fact I plan to release in the future (no pun intended) a sci-fi supplement (of approximately 60 pages) for FH&W, to expand play in Sword & Planets and similar genres. Consider these eight pages as a teaser. (Credits: Thanks to Eric Fabiaschi and his blog Swords and Stitchery, who inspired this supplement!)

9. Eleven Converted Classes – PDF: (15 MB) The precedent version of this free supplement has been considerably extended / updated! It now proposes 20 pages with 11 character classes, for those who want the cleric, paladin and bard found in older editions of the game, as well as the draconic sorcerer, swan-maiden, warrior-monk, wizard of High Arcana, and others. All of this with cool artwork of course!

10. FH&W Collected Classes List – PDF: Thanks to Anders Hedenbjörk Lager for doing this 4 pages document that lists all of the character classes made for FH&W (i.e. from the core rulebook and the various supplements above). I didn’t know it would make that much! Especially as more classes will come in the future… (As you can imagine now, I really don’t like to be limited to three classes only.)

11. Logo. For those who would create gaming material of any sort for FH&W, here is a logo that you may use if you want (size: 400×222 pixels).

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