Pirates! Sorry, but I am not releasing a FH&W supplement on pirates. I rather want to mention that a few days after its release on RPGNow, the Dark Albion ebook+maps file (that is for sale at 9.90$ on RPGNow) was put on a download website for easy and free grab. Frankly, I don’t understand what the dude who did that, thinks he gains in doing it. (I mean: allowing people he will probably never know about, to download the file for free.) I spent months working on this project, plus I am currently unemployed with financial difficulties. As such, I guess I deserve (plus I need) to make a few bucks from this book. Heh!, I am not a millionaire who made a fortune on the back of sweat-shop workers! I am just a poor artist who doesn’t sell thousands of books, and need every buck I make just to pay the bills (many of which are currently unpaid).

So please respect me: don’t pirate my stuff. (And by the way, it’s illegal.)



After months of work, Dark Albion: The Rose War is released and available on Lulu, Amazon, and RPGNow. This is a 275 pages long campaign setting that describes a fantasy version of England in the 15th century, during the War of the Roses. Author: RPGPundit, and layout, maps and publishing by Dominique Crouzet. See Dark Albion’s own webpage for more information.



Today are added two documents (in the download section, scroll down to bottom):

1) A PDF file, by Anders Hedenbjörk Lager, that lists all the character classes that currently exist for FH&W.

2) An image (a .JPG file) for those who want to create some material (adventures, monsters, spells, more classes, etc.) for FH&W, and want to indicate it with a logo.



Today are released two new freebies!

1) An awesome character sheet for Microsoft Excel kindly given to us by Arne Holzwarth. Thanks a lot for this excellent work: FH&W Excel Character Sheet

2) A free 20 pages document with 11 classes to use in FH&W. This is a major update and expansion of a former document that proposed the Agent of the Gods (i.e. cleric), Spellcasting Bard, Paladin, and War-mage, as they were found in older editions of the game. But now, this new document adds the Draconic Sorcerer, Shadowdancer, Swan Maiden, Warrior Monk, and others. The classes as they originally appeared, but still with a FH&W twist! Eleven Converted Classes – PDF



The small supplement for science-fantasy campaigns has been updated and expanded! It is now eight pages long, and includes two more classes (the Runner and the Sisterhood Acolyte, based on well known movies characters), plus a few sci-fi skills: Science-Fantasy Classes and Race – PDF



Hi all, it has been a long time since last I posted here. But maybe it’s better that I work on new products than just write on this page heh? Anyway, today I want to:

1) Thanks to Nerdomancer-of-Dork for his long and kind review that can be read here:
Nerdomancer-of-Dork: FH&W review

2) Bring to your attention a new goodie for download: Science-Fantasy Classes and Race – PDF, inspired by Eric Fabiaschi and his blog Swords and Stitchery


Today James Cast was kind to give us two neat, four pages supplements to play Fantastic Heroes & Witchery in the Pulp and Retro-Future genres. You can download them in the Free Download section (see downloads #6 and #7).



Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (Ver.2) – Bookmarked PDF is released! Compared to the free PDF available for download on this website, the bookmarked version for sale (at a reasonable 7.50 $) has a table of contents and indexes (1500+ entries) with hyperlinks. Unlike the free PDF, this will let you navigate swiftly and easily throughout the 430 pages of this digital book.

-> Bookmarked PDF of FH&W: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery PDF on



Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Version.2.0 is released! It is available for free download (as a one-page-at-a-time-on-the-computer-screen document, as many of you requested!), and it is also available for sale on (in which case I strongly recommend the hardback version, as unfortunately the spine on the softcover version tends to fall apart quickly…).

So, FH&W version 2 is first an attempt at cleaning numerous typos and errors. Now, I am pretty certain that no more errors remain, but some typos might still be found here and there alas. They are so difficult to discover, believe me… Then, there was the problem of complying with the OGL. Copyright laws vary from one country to the next, and are in fact subject to interpretations. Stealing a book in a shop is simply a theft, period. However, when it comes to paraphrasing an idea, and discern if it is a copyrights violation or not, things become much more vague and difficult to appreciate. Henceforth, I carefully perused the book, removed some words that should not have been there, and renamed a few things, mostly spells. Then, more than 70 spells were rewritten entirely: they still describe a similar concept, but work differently and have got a different name. Now, I think they are more interesting than their precedent versions. In any case, if you use a precedent version of FH&W, the spells that have been replaced are not invalidated, from a gaming perspective. They are only removed from version 2, to keep the book ahead of any interpretation of copyrights infringements. HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: don’t use any OGC from version 1.0 to 1.3, unless it is clearly derived from existing, reliable prior OGC (such as stemming from the SRD document).

Lastly a few links:
-> FH&W thread on Dragonsfoot: FH&W on Dragonsfoot
-> FH&W thread on Enworld: FH&W on ENworld
-> FH&W thread on RPGnet: FH&W on RPGnet
-> FH&W thread on theRPGsite: The RPG-site
-> FH&W google+ group page: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery – Google+
-> FH&W facebook page: Heroes & Witchery RPG – Facebook
-> Print on Demand book of FH&W: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery on



Today, Christian Selzam provided us all with a most excellent character sheet, immediately available for download. Well, this is the same as the one provided at the end of FH&W book, but with an excellent feature added to it: it can be filled directly on the computer! Character Sheet (1 page) Form – PDF



Well, I am sorry to announce that the free PDF of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Version.1.2 is no more available for download. In a few weeks (as soon as it is ready) it will be replaced not by Version.1.3 (the same with all typos edited), but by Version.2.0!!

As I was reading some Internet articles on copyright laws, I learned that even paraphrasing might be considered a copyright infringement. (Paraphrasing is saying the same thing with different words.) Now, FH&W contains spells that were based on 1e/2e spells that didn’t make it into official OGC sources. These spells were not copied verbatim of course; however, in some cases they are almost the same thing under different words. Therefore, in order to avert potential problems I have decided to rework these spells entirely, so they will be different both in words and implementation. They will look superficially similar, but will be new spells nonetheless. (Note by the way, that I will try to make the new spells more interesting for a player to choose…)

Warning: As directly relating to this problem, please don’t use the OGC from FH&W V.1.0 to V.1.2, unless it is derived from existing, official OGC sources. (That is, don’t use the aforementioned spells!)



Mischief Inc. (i.e. has been kind to give Fantastic Heroes & Witchery its own sub-forum where you can start topics related to the game. So feel free to go there and post! FH&W Forum on Mischief Inc.



Temporary withdrawal of the POD (i.e. print on demand) books on Lulu. I originally did two proof-readings of the text, and then again more corrections of typos and errors. Unfortunately, still more of them are continuously reported to me by some of you who did buy the book. I am really ashamed of this and sorry. So, until Version 1.3 (that hopefully will be finally cleaned up), I suspend the sales of the printed book. I cannot afford 3,000 euros for a professional proof-reading though, so will do it again by myself, adding in the occasional help of those readers who report to me what they found. I plan for V.1.3 to be released in February. Until then, you may still download the free version. Thanks for your understanding.



In one month Fantastic Heroes & Witchery has sold 50 copies. I am still on the other side of the galaxy compared to Dan Brown, yet I am glad some people like the game! I cannot resist adding the following comment (posted on here):

-> « Nice work with that design. I think I have to agree with what someone said in another forum, you could have fulfilled the goals that D&D Next set for itself, and that is no small feat! »

Note that FH&W has got a few errors and typos fixed. So version 1.2 is now available in the download section, and replaces former 1.1 on the printed books. Sorry for those who got a version with typos and errors. I would have liked to avoid them, but more seem to jump at my nose every day, despite the thorough proof-reading.



I am glad to see that Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is rather well received! Some of the comments:

-> « I don’t know, just this unabashed youthful joy I get from reading the thing, moreso than even some other ‘clones with higher production values. It’s not something I can quantify. It’s like an injection of nostalgia, happy childhoods, and imagination. »

-> « I am simply in shock that a product with so much verve and pizzazz is available for free (albeit in un-indexed, somewhat-hard-to-read form). It pulls off the rare feat of being familiar enough to be comfortable and yet novel enough to be full of cool new stuff to try. This product scratches my itch for zany sorcery-and-phasers fantasy mash-up gaming like none other, even though it’s perfectly usable as a straight retro-clone. »

-> « The inclusion of Incantations is a little thing, but it is super cool. It allows stuff like a bunch of nobodies finding an evil grimoire and unleashing hell with it. Under traditional D&D rules, only powerful mages can do things like that. »

Note that this website has not been set for discussions like with a regular blog. If you want to comment and ask questions, you should rather join one of the following forums:
FH&W on Dragonsfoot, or FH&W on ENworld, The RPG-site, or FH&W on RPGnet.



Welcome! The book and website are finally released. You can download the PDF version (on the free-downloads page) and/or buy the book on (here). Currently, only the hardcover is available. I did my best to proofread the book twice, in search of typos and errors, and fixed/corrected a lot of them. However, it seems that a few more are popping-up. As such, if you find any, please be kind to report them at for a final proofread. Then, the paperback version will be released on Amazon and other such distributors. A fully bookmarked PDF for easy navigation on the tablet is also scheduled. Just be patient please.

By the way, thanks to the kind review by Fabio Milito Pagliara on his blog