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You will find below not only the last update of the Netbook of Books, but also a few other supplements more or less related to the subject. Otherwise, if you want to be informed of the irregular updates of the netbook and other downloads, you can join the FanCC yahoo mailing list powered by groups.yahoo.com.

  Netbook of Books:  Version 0.5 / April-08-2002;  55 descriptions (RTF version only).
  Edited  PDF version  (1,1 mb)   /  UPDATED Basic  RTF.zip version  (165 ko).
  Books Generator HTML:  For those who want to create their books quietly offline:
  The HTML scriptorium page to upload on your hard drive:  Book Generator.zip  (5 ko).
  Scribe Lexicon: excerpted from the Medieval Manuscript Manual.
  A glossary of medieval terms pertaining to books: Scribe-Lexicon.PDF (195 ko).
  FanCC Documents for Membership: The forms and policies to become
  an official/regular submitter of the FanCC publications.
  Permission Agreement - PA.pdf (115 ko).
  Statement of Understanding - SoU.pdf (74 ko).

Useful Links / Related Web-sites 

The purpose of this section is not to give you an exhaustive list of rpg web-sites, but just a few, which may be more or less related to the Netbook of Books.
Netbook of Classes: Not really related to the Netbook of Books, except that I am one of its team members, and did submit several classes to it!
You can also get two exclusive classes that I created, but yet aren't in the netbook: The Buccaneer (PDF, 370 ko), and The Clod (PDF, 650 ko).

Medieval Manuscript Manual: An excellent site detailing everything about books and writing during the middle-ages. "It should offer basic information on the topic Medieval Manuscripts to be comprehended and utilized also by non-specialists in the field. It might be applied as general background knowledge, teaching module, and distance learning unit."

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: A big index of medieval texts that you may found on the Internet. "The goal here has been to construct an Internet Medieval Sourcebook from available public domain and copy-permitted texts. (...) The Sourcebook then is in two parts. The first is made up of fairly short classroom sized extracts, derived from public domain sources or copy-permitted translations, the second is composed of the full documents, or WWW links to the full documents."

Guide To Medieval Terms: An excellent lexicon of medieval terms: "This guide has undergone a long period of gestation. It began as a list of feudal terms compiled by Michael Adams in November 1988. Over the years, it became a cooperatiave effort as several other people added terms. It has been updated in December, 1998, to include quite a few economic terms, and many terms from Medieval Islam."

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