June/19/2002: the Netbook of books is closed. I still intend to upload the final netbook's version with 150 books descriptions. Soon...
April/08/2002: RTF.zip netbook has been updated; Random-liber page is now operational.
March/25/2002: the D20 Scriptorium site is launched
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Welcome to the D20 Scriptorium. Our goal is to fill the libraries' and bookshops' shelves of your game setting, with all manners of librams, manuscripts, codices, and other books.

QUESTION: when the PCs adventurers enter a lost library to pillage it, or a city bookshop to buy some manuscripts, what do they find?

ANSWER: they usually don't find anything useful; just "a lot of books", and maybe one or two pieces of information plus a magic scroll.

PROBLEM: the game-master cannot be blamed on this, as usually he cannot find the time to create the 100+ volumes of any newfound library.

SOLUTION: the Netbook of Books has been designed to remedy to this problem. It is a generator intended at providing dozens of books with which you may fill your libraries and bookshops.

THREE OPTIONS: to get such manuscripts for the d20 game, you have got three options:

  • You can directly download the Netbook of Books (Downloads).
  • With the form to fill in (Scriptorium), it takes only 5 minutes to create a new manuscript for your players and NPCs sages. You may then copy-paste the resulting description into your scenarios.
  • You can also get one or several books descriptions totally at random with the online generator (Random Liber).
Dominique CROUZET
D20 Scriptorium Project Leader

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