Scholaribus Dominurum est
(Ex) Team Leader / Webmaster

Dominique Crouzet was born 40 years ago in the cold mountains of the French backountry, where wolves howl at night, and fearfull peasants grasp firmly on their crossbows when they go to the fields on misty days.

Later, he went to the Cluny abbey (see portrait to the right), where he learned and became an illuminator. However, he soon discovered that drawing on parchment is somewhat challenging and tiring, thus opted for doing it with photoshop (see scroll-page to the left). Now, Dominique is training in web design, mainly because a 244 ko file is in fact easier to carry than a 10 pounds leatherbound libram with metal fasteners.

On the other hand, despite being French, Dominique is the anthitesis of the "French lover". He doesn't understand anything about women, and in any case prefers to live alone. Anyway, Dominique is certainly not handsome (difficult at 200+ pounds), but was born with the mind of a genius. Many peoples who know him tend to believe it's a shame that such a brilliant intelligence is wasted on roleplaying games, rather than adult and productive subjects.

Current Team Status

The netbook of books is currently closed! As such, there is no team, no vacant position to fill, or anything else. no further updates of the netbook will be done.