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Codex of Necromancy During Chill Winter Nights

AUTHOR: Bernard of Clairvaux
PUBLISHER: Panturne & Cie. (40 copies printed)
TYPE/ASPECT: Great tome with very resilient yet supple pages made of an unknown material, and which cover is made of a strange light metal.
CONDITION: Good, although a little worn.
LANGUAGE: Draconic (Draconic signs, symbols, and alphabet).
SUBJECT: Prayerbook.
ORIGINALITY: Poor copy of a well known work, with obviously missing paragraphs.
CLARITY: Unclear (Int check DC=10 to benefit from book's contents).
LENGTH OF STUDY: 1d4 day (provided Intelligence check succeeded - see above).
BENEFIT FROM STUDY: Encyclopedia enabling to take 10 with the relevant knowledge skill.
BOOK MONETARY VALUE: Very expensive (from 100 to 1000 gold pieces).
NOTES: There are bookmarks marking the important pages. If one read these pages first, he will immediately discern the real value of the book's information. Otherwise he would need to study the text for the required time to figure out the usefulness of its contents.

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